Password Reset - Client Area

Dear Client,
We noticed our clients having difficulty with the password reset you can now able to reset your password:
We enable password reset now to all clients. You can able to reset your client area password.
Yahmis NG Support.

24th Nov 2020
Emergency Maintenance

We are running an emergency maintenance update on our server you will not able to access your cPanel in a meantime,
We will fix it ASAP.
Once the update complete we will notify you.

Yahmis NG

22nd May 2020
Yahmis Main Site Maintenance

Our main page will undergo maintenance updates

From: 7 October  2018
To: 14 October 2018

Down Time
Min: 45
Max: 1Hour.

Downtime will not affect any clients services and accounts.

For more information contact us: or

7th Oct 2018
Order page and client site will upgrade

Our Order page and client site will upgrade to higher version our front page and clients domain name and hosting will not down.

Maintenance time

2nd November 2017 8AM - 4PM (4 Hours )

Interface Desig Team
Technical Support
General Support

2nd Nov 2017