Secure your website and customer data FREE

  • Free X.509 certificates, issued in minutes
  • Install on all your domain name and subdomain
  • Let's Encrypt is free, automated, and open Certificate Authority

Why buy an SSL certificate

Rock-solid security

Our Comodo's SSL certificates provide upto 128 or 256-bit encryption for maximum security of your website visitors' data.

Customer confidence

Many customers actively look for the SSL lock icon before handing over sensitive data. Buy to increase your customer's trust in your online business.

Better SEO rankings

Google gives higher rankings to websites secured with SSL certificates. Which means SSL are critical if you're serious about your online business.

Comodo Secure Seal

Your certificate comes with a Comodo Secure Seal that serves as a constant reminder to customers that your site is protected

Help you 24 hours

All paid plans include our true round-the-clock support. It doesn't matter if it's 1AM or the middle of your business day we can help.


7 Days Money-back

We offer a 7 days money back guarantee on all shared hosting accounts. If you're unsatisfied for reason from us we'll refund you.

Selecta certificate that works for you

Positive SSL


  • Domain-validation
  • Comodo
  • 1 domain
  • www.yoursite.com + yoursite.com
  • $10,000 Party warranty
  • 24/7 support

Let's Encrypt


  • Domain-validation
  • X.509 Certificate
  • Unlimited Domain and Sub-Domain
  • Unlimited Reissue licenses
  • 99% Guaranteed
  • No Support

Positive SSL Wildcard



  • Domain-validation
  • Comodo
  • 1 domain + all subdomains
  • www.site.com + site.com
  • $10,000 Party warranty
  • 24/7 support



  • Extended-validation(greenbar)
  • Comodo
  • 1 domain
  • www.site.com + site.com
  • Very high assurance
  • 24/7 support

FaqFrequently asked questions

SSL is a standard security protocol which establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private. SSL Certificate is today an industry standard that is used by millions of websites worldwide to protect all communication and data that's transmitted online through the website.

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate issued for a domain by a central authority called the Certificate Authority. To be issued an SSL Certificate, you must purchase an SSL Certificate and then go through a verification process conducted by the Certificate Authority.

A Comodo SSL Certificate is the quickest and most cost effective way for an online business to protect customer transactions. Apart from their low cost, each certificate also comes with a great value-added package, which makes them perfect for small to medium size businesses. Choosing Comodo SSL means your site will enjoy the highest security levels and you'll also receive additional tools that will win customer trust and increase sales conversions.

An SSL Certificate does 2 things:

a. Encrypt the information sent from your user's browser to your website
b. Authenticate your website's identity.

By doing these 2 things, an SSL Certificate protects your customers and in turn increases their trust in your online business. This is especially important if your website requires users to login using passwords or enter sensitive information such as credit card details.

Unfortunately, we don't support upgrades/downgrades at the moment. If required you can purchase a new certificate and install it on the same web server as the old certificate

We cannot refund your money after 7 days because we taked that the certificate is working and function

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